Professional company consultancy


Our offer is targeting customers with the need to create a specific software solution.

Through our work as a technical consultant in all aspects of modern information technologies for different companies and different industries, we have experience in all programming activities and individual IT services.

Our services encompass the entire development process: from conception through development to integration of the software into your existing systems:

■ Realization of customer-specific software applications and IT Solutions
■ IT services for the development of databases and software for visualisation
■ Your business processes
■ Porting, localization and maintenance of your software 
■ Maintenance of customer-specific software
■ Integration of third-party components/applications into existing systems
■ Development of interfaces and drivers for customer-specific software and hardware
■ Extension and adaptation of existing solutions to customer-specific needs
■ Practice-oriented consulting and goal-oriented IT project management

Take advantage of our professional experience!


Interface development

We offer to facilitate your daily work. Interface programming of IEB AG is the solution for each of your work steps and makes your work

■ easier
■ fatser
■ safer

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of interface programming

■ For various technologies (C#, ADO, .net, ASP.NET, XML)
■ A variety of systems (SAP, MOVEX, Navision, etc.)
■ and numerous customers 

We are able to develop complex additional programs to ensure the smooth import and export of data from a wide range of software products.

With the result that your system becomes even more effective and efficient: we combine separate work steps logically, create a direct access to the long-sought data or simplify the cumbersome paths of your used standard software.

We never disregard aspects of data security and always implement the latest standards in programming.

Process Engineering Analysis

The IBE AG provides you with a comprehensive process analysis of your production processes in order to create new or improved IT or process solutions based on your existing EDP infrastructure, which, thanks to the highest efficiency, flexibility and functionality, optimize your company's production, warehousing and distribution logistics and ensure quality.


■ identify areas of application and possible applications
■ test the technical feasibility
■ evaluate the benefits and
■ develop a strategy for implementation.

This will provide you with a solid decision base for the next steps and your future IT and process investments.



The starting point of our work is always a thorough analysis of your task.

Our objective is to provide our customers with a functioning and reliable problem solution. This idea guides us in developing the best approach to implementing and implementing your future software system.

In order to ensure an economical and efficient implementation of software projects, it is essential to have an IT conception developed by qualified system and software analysts before starting the programming. This is the only way to reliably determine the time, cost and functional costs of the IT project.

As a rule, IBE AG can carry out the activities below within a few days free of charge for you-in the context of a concept development:

■ Business case specific technical analysis
■ Concept development of your software solution
■ Feasibility study or feasibility investigation
■ Development of the technical specification
■ Project planning, milestone definition

On this basis, we develop an overall concept, and in a timely manner, any change requests are integrated – all with the aim of ensuring the optimal processing of the project.



Individual software development is one of our core competencies.

At first glance, standard solutions appear to be favorable, only in very few cases it is possible to achieve optimal coverage of the highly individual business processes.

The optimal software solution adapts to your requirements, not the other way around. Sometimes they just make individual applications progress. Suboptimal solutions incur additional costs and are therefore an uneglibleable competitive disadvantage.

Individual software solutions, on the other hand, optimize the flow of your business processes with extreme efficiency and give you more space for your actual core business.

The requirements for individual software development are becoming more and more complex new technologies, requiring vendor- and cross-platform knowledge.

Whether you are looking for a development partner that realizes a new product or a partial solution

■ at a fixed price 
■ or on-site support for your own development offers

IBE AG is at your disposal with comprehensive services for the realisation of your goals.