DREAM - Data- protection compliant real estate software

DREAM stands for Digital Real Estate Management and was developed for customers in the real estate industry with the goal to make the search for new, high- quality tenants easier and more comfortable.

During the development of the software we kept a focus on data- protection laws and are proud to say that our solution passes the test of state authorities whom we worked with closely.

The software includes an employee specific bundle of components, as well as customer specific ones. Furthermore, DREAM is available on all common platforms, including web, smartphones and tablets. In this way, you are able to reach the great majority of your relevant target groups which increases the pool of potential tenants.


The components of our software are listed below:

  • dashboards for either employees and customers
  • for employees this includes: a calendar, an internal messaging system, widgets for the most important tasks and many more
  • for customers this includes: an overview of their appointments, the status of their applications and a mask for the data the company has of them
  • masks for the tenant search (application, self- declaration, SCHUFA- info, proof of income)
  • an internal object pool and a application database
  • a comprehensive analysis tool to give you the ability to make data- driven decisions
  • and much more.


To ensure the implementation of DREAM into your company is made as comfortable as possible we offer you an extensive pre- consultation and a flexible approach in integrating our solution into your existing IT- infrastructure. We achieve this by writing a full concept and constructing a clear project plan as a part of our goal to make your business life more enjoyable.


DREAM offers you the following benefits:

  • High cost savings due to the more targeted search for new tenants
  • High time savings by digitizing the most important processes in a very efficient form
  • Data - protection compliance achieved through the intensive tests done by government authorities
  • Additional optimization offered by our comprehensive analysis tool

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