Project management, Project leading and Project restructuring

These days it is important to use a structured method of implementation for complex projects. Otherwise there is a risk that the projects will take longer than planned and thus significantly more cost.

Combined PRINCE2® and IBE project management process.

Projektmanagement GB


Our highly qualified employees have proven successful in many projects of any size. Success stands and falls with the quality of project management.

We have also been very successful in project rehabilitation for many years and have already restructured numerous projects and thus led to success. The type of project to be rehabilitated does not matter, as standardized processes and methods are used.

We are there when your project is threatening to fail!

Is it confusing and the project is in danger of being skewed? Your project is on the brink? You need support because the schedule is wobbly, the budget is not enough and/or the personnel planning has been faulty and not sufficient? We are working with our project restructuring experts for you if the situation threatens to escalate or has already escalated.

Our project replacers are sent to your company, analyse the situation, restructure the processes and the teams, organize the communication and make necessary decisions with you for the correct evaluation. The primary goal is to successfully complete the project

Your benefits

Your projects can be completed successfully in most cases. In irrevocably failed cases, we conclude the project in such a way that the consequential costs remain as low as possible.

Please contact us, we can offer you the full spectrum of project management.