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Who is THOMAS?

Thomas is an efficient system where you can manage very comfortable your production lines, products and product components.

In addition it's a central online tool for a common project- and product management with your suppliers, agencies and internal departments.

Responsibilities, requirements, dead lines, communication and more can be coordinated and documented.

All technical requirements, contacts, artwork and corresponding data are centralized and always available for all stakeholders also across locations.


Which benefits has THOMAS?

Thomas simplify, structure, control and optimize the cooperation of all stakeholders of the process and improve the communication.

Your agencies, partners and suppliers can for example deliver the product related artwork, your suppliers can get all necessary specification and data by them self, approval and coordination are managed online.

The whole process chain get's faster, more efficient and safer.


Overview of the benefits:

  • optimized cooperation
  • improved communication
  • centralized information pool
  • across locations
  • central data
  • efficient process


Who needs THOMAS?

Thomas is very valuable for companies with multiple plants, an huge product portfolio and an high volume of artwork where they have continously changes or improvements.

But also for companies with lower product portfolio the efficient management can be profitable.

For all companies which needs information from agencies, partners and suppliers for the manufacturing process is Thomas essential.


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